Three Issues To Watch For On Your Rooftop AC

Having a residential roof top air conditioner can be convenient, but there are also some drawbacks. The main one is that it can be easy to overlook maintenance on the main unit when you don't see it nearly every day. Fortunately, knowing things you need to look for and combining it with a regular inspection schedule can help you avoid issues. Issue #1: Blocked drains Condensation collects in a rooftop unit just as it does in ground-based AC units. [Read More]

Installing A Commercial Refrigerator On Your Residential Property: What To Expect

With the onslaught of bulk merchandise retailers and butchers that will sell you a half or a whole cow for food, you may need more room than your refrigerator or freezer chest has available. A commercial freezer is a possibility, but commercial refrigeration installation usually only happens in restaurants or butcher shops. If you have the money, and are quite insistent about installing a commercial freezer in your home or on your property, here is what you can expect. [Read More]

The Importance Of Servicing A Faulty Thermostatic Expansion Valve

Air-conditioning problems are not always accompanied by any unusual mechanical sound. The only apparent symptom of a malfunctioning AC system may be its inability to maintain a comfortable temperature. Homeowners who suspect that their AC system is simply low on refrigerant may have a different problem and need to have the thermostatic expansion valve serviced. Air-conditioning systems typically contain some type of orifice that forces pressurized liquid refrigerant into a gaseous state. [Read More]

Need AC Repair? Check Your Furnace Filter First

When summer hits, you want your AC to be pumping full blast, with maximum efficiency. If your AC is not efficient, your bills can spike and your home can become harder to cool down. Most people immediate think of having their ducts and condenser unit serviced when it comes to maintaining the efficiency of their AC system. These are very important things that you should not neglect. However, many homeowners don't realize that the furnace filter is also a key part to the operation and functionality of air conditioning. [Read More]