Is Your Cooling System's Air Filter Really That Important?

When it comes to your home's cooling system, you probably think of the compressor or other heavy-duty parts if asked which is most important. However, the air filter might be more important than some of the components you can name. The filter is more than a screen that you must periodically change. To help you understand just how important it is, here is what you need to know about your filter: [Read More]

Benefits Of Choosing A Commercial AC Rooftop Unit

If you have a commercial property and want the building to remain cool throughout the warmest months, then it is wise to invest in a commercial AC unit. These units can vary a great deal depending on the type you desire, and rooftop varieties are one option available to you. Rooftop units are extremely popular and they do have some benefits that you should consider. Keep reading to learn about a few. [Read More]

Three Issues To Watch For On Your Rooftop AC

Having a residential roof top air conditioner can be convenient, but there are also some drawbacks. The main one is that it can be easy to overlook maintenance on the main unit when you don't see it nearly every day. Fortunately, knowing things you need to look for and combining it with a regular inspection schedule can help you avoid issues. Issue #1: Blocked drains Condensation collects in a rooftop unit just as it does in ground-based AC units. [Read More]

Installing A Commercial Refrigerator On Your Residential Property: What To Expect

With the onslaught of bulk merchandise retailers and butchers that will sell you a half or a whole cow for food, you may need more room than your refrigerator or freezer chest has available. A commercial freezer is a possibility, but commercial refrigeration installation usually only happens in restaurants or butcher shops. If you have the money, and are quite insistent about installing a commercial freezer in your home or on your property, here is what you can expect. [Read More]