HVAC Repairs That Need To Be Done After The Holidays

After the holidays, it may be time to check your HVAC system to see if repairs are needed. The following HVAC repairs are examples of what may be needed after the busy holiday season if your HVAC has been working overtime to keep you warm:

Noises When You Turn The Heating On

Noises are common issues with HVAC systems during the winter weather. It could be the blower causing problems, which may need to be repaired or replaced. It can also be due to the air filter of your system being dirty. A dirty air filter can cause the debris to build up, and your air handler will start making strange noises when this happens. After changing the air filter, the system also needs to be inspected for other issues.

Constantly Running Furnace That Doesn't Heat Enough

The furnace can constantly run for several reasons during winter weather. It may be just because it is cold outside. Other reasons that the furnace may run constantly include:

  • A bad furnace control panel
  • Bad thermostat causing the system to run continuously
  • Issues with the furnace not providing enough heat
  • Poor airflow due to issues with the furnace blower or a dirty filter

The issues that are causing your furnace to constantly turn on will need to be repaired before they worsen. Repairing these problems will prevent costlier problems that may arise with your HVAC systems this winter.

Problems with the Thermostat Settings Not Working Correctly

The thermostat is another issue that you may have to deal with during the winter months. Sometimes, the thermostat may not be properly calibrated with your furnace. This can cause you to need to turn the temperature up to get your system to heat your home. It can also cause other issues with your HVAC system and will need to be repaired before your heating stops working. The thermostat may need to be calibrated, or it may need to be completely replaced if it is outdated and starting to fail.

Pilot Light Problems That Cause the Furnace to Not Turn On

The pilot light is another issue that you might have to deal with after the holidays. When your furnace pilot light stops working, it causes the heating to not turn on when it is needed. The problems with the pilot light can also cause hazards and damage to the heating element. If you are having problems with the pilot light, you will want to have an HVAC technician fix the issue.

The problems with your HVAC system will start off minor after the holidays but will gradually get worse. Contact an HVAC repair service for more information.