Keep Your Frymaster In Tip-Top Shape: Address Those Pesky Error Codes

When it comes to American cuisine, many people will agree that fried foods are a must. Of all the fried foods there are, fried chicken is perhaps one of the most loved foods. In fact, one study surveyed 1,000 people and found that a whopping 95% of them enjoy fried chicken. Further, 16% of the respondents said they would take golden, crispy chicken if it was offered to them.

As a restaurant owner, it is in your best interest to make sure your patrons have access to friend chicken when they demand it, or any other fried food for that matter. To do that, you must make sure your commercial fryer is working properly, but what about those annoying error codes? Understanding the error codes that appear on your commercial fryer can help you figure out how to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Temperature Recovery and Other Codes

Depending on the age and model of your commercial fryer, you may notice a digital readout. The digital readout will display a variety of codes and temperatures. For instance, the digital readout will let you know when your oil has reached the optimal temperature. Keep in mind that when you drop food into the hot oil, the temperature is likely going to decrease.

Cold or otherwise frozen food lowers the temperature of the oil, which will reflect on the digital readout. Therefore, if the display shows a phrase like "Recovery Time," it is reflecting how long it will take for the oil to recover and reach an optimal temperature again. Make sure you pay close attention to the temperature of the oil so you can avoid serving undercooked food to your patrons.

If the recovery time does not appear, there may be an issue with your commercial fryer. Make sure you contact a qualified professional to perform the necessary repairs on your equipment so you can continue sending out foods that are fried to perfection.

Other codes you may notice include HELP, which indicates that there is an issue with your fryer. Typically, the HELP code will appear when the commercial fryer is unable to heat up properly. Again, you will need to contact a specialist to assist you. You may also see a code like CALL TECH, which another code that requires the help of a professional. The CALL TECH code means that there is a circuitry problem with your fryer.

Importance of Immediate Repair

The faster you address issues with your commercial fryer, the better. If your commercial fryer is acting up, your patrons may grow increasingly displeased if you are unable to serve the foods they want to enjoy. If the problem persists, word may get around, which can bring about a negative reputation for your business. As a restaurant owner, you know that a negative reputation can spell doom.

Keep in mind that a malfunctioning fryer can also lead to undercooked food and potential illness of your customers. If you were to serve undercooked food to your customers because of issues with your fryer, you could face expensive lawsuits. Rather than losing both money and customers, make it a point to reach out to a commercial fryer technician at your earliest convenience.

Most importantly, make sure you do not try to perform repairs yourself. You could damage your fryer, injure yourself, or void a warranty if one exists on your commercial fryer. The DIY approach might seem like a good idea if you are trying to increase your business's profit, but you could end up losing more money in the long run. Therefore, talking to a commercial fryer repair specialist is your best, safest, and most cost-effective approach. 

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