4 Tips To Help You With The Choices Of Ductless AC And Your Air Conditioning Installation

If you want to have new, efficient air conditioning for your home, a ductless AC is a great choice. There are several options for the design of a new ductless AC system. These air conditioning systems can be installed as a split system with one unit, or you may need to have different systems for separate areas of your home. The following ductless AC installation tips will help you choose the best system design for the cooling needs of your home.

1. Using Ductless AC for Small Home Designs with A Single Unit and Indoor Air Handler

If you have a small home, a ductless AC can be an excellent choice to help improve efficiency when it comes to your HVAC system. The single ductless AC unit is best for smaller homes or to add AC to the main gathering areas of your home if you live in an area where the weather does not get too hot during the summer months. It is often not enough for the cooling needs of an average-sized home in areas with warmer summer weather.

2. Mini-Split System Options to Create A Zoned Air Conditioning System for Larger Spaces

Sometimes, the different areas of your home are divided, and a single AC is not enough to provide you with the cooling you need. The great thing about split ductless AC systems is that they can have two or more indoor units connected to a single AC unit. This allows you to still have a zoned air conditioning design without the need to have conventional ductwork installed.

3. Just Adding AC to Newly Finished Spaces Like Basements and Home Additions

Sometimes, you may not really need to add a new HVAC system for your entire home. If you are looking for solutions to add AC to a newly finished basement or home addition, ductless AC systems are the ideal solution. This will allow you to separate the air conditioning in these areas without making any changes to your existing HVAC system, which can sometimes be a costly endeavor.

4. Using Separate Systems to Provide Ductless Air Conditioning to Different Areas of Your Home

If you are completely replacing an existing HVAC system, a single-split system may not be enough. If you are planning on using ductless HVAC, then separate systems can be used for different floors and areas of your home, which will give the different areas of your home their own independent air conditioning. This can be good for workshops, basement apartments, and other features of your home where you want to have separate HVAC controls than the rest of your home.

These are some ductless AC installation tips to help you choose the best solution for the air conditioning needs of your home. If you are ready to install a new AC for your home, contact an air conditioning service and talk to them about some of these solutions for a ductless AC installation.