3 Good HVAC Maintenance Habits To Get Into

Whether you have just installed a new heating and air conditioning unit in your home or if you would just like to take better care of your existing heating and air conditioning unit, it's time for you to get into a few good HVAC maintenance habits. By getting into these habits, you can help make sure that your heating and air conditioning unit lasts for as long as possible. If you're wondering which habits you should work on establishing, you can start with this list.

1. Call for Help, When You Notice a Problem

If you and your family members have a tendency to put off calling an HVAC contractor when you notice a minor problem with your unit, it might be time for you to start being a little more proactive. If you hear your unit making a strange noise or if you notice other minor problems -- even if your unit still seems to be heating and cooling your home like it's supposed to -- then it could be indicative of a problem that could get more serious. Calling someone right away and fixing it as soon as you can help you prevent the problem from getting worse, which can save you money on repairs, in the long run, help your unit last longer, and prevent you and your family from suddenly experiencing a problem with your HVAC unit.

2. Change Air Filters on Schedule

You might already change your HVAC filters from time to time, but you might not do it quite as frequently as you should. This is a common mistake that many homeowners make, but it can lead to excessive wear and tear on your unit, can prevent your unit from operating as efficiently and can even impact the air quality inside your home. Stock up on air filters that are properly sized for your unit and get in the habit of changing it on a schedule. For example, if you change your air filter each month when you write the check for your mortgage payment, you'll do it at around the same time each month and will help avoid forgetting to do it completely.

3. Document Your HVAC Maintenance

If you don't take notes when you do things like swap out your air filters and clean your outside unit and if you don't keep records of when you have an HVAC technician come out to perform maintenance or repairs on your unit, then you will not know what does and does not need to be done. You also won't have proof that you have maintained your HVAC system properly if you need to submit a warranty claim. Getting in the habit of documenting all of your HVAC maintenance is a good habit to get into, for these reasons.