Common Problems With A Home's Brick And Mortar

Despite the high durability of brick and mortar, these building materials are still able to experience some significant problems. Without being addressed, these problems can lead to the building suffering both cosmetic and structurally significant damage.

Wear And Erosion

Due to the brick and mortar being exposed to rain, heat and other forms of extreme weather, the brick can wear and erode in much the same way that natural stone will. As the brick and mortar wear and erode, the shape of the bricks can change, which can impact the way that they fit together. The erosion can also impact the bricks in other more subtle ways. This can include causing small cracks to develop and grow. When this damage starts to occur, it can be possible to replace the bricks that have suffered the most extreme erosion. Sealing the bricks can help to slow the erosion of the bricks, but it will not be able to completely stop this natural process.  

Loosening Bricks

If the mortar that holds the bricks in place becomes compromised, it may no longer be able to securely hold the bricks in place. This can lead to situations where the bricks may be prone to falling out or otherwise becoming unstable. When enough bricks are impacted by this condition, the entire wall can become unstable. There are many reasons why bricks may start to loosen. For example, foundation problems can contribute to this problem by causing the alignment and weight of the wall to become uneven. If there is not an obvious cause of the bricks loosening and becoming unstable, a professional inspection will be needed to determine the cause of the instability so that appropriate repairs can be made.  

Chipping And Flaking Mortar

Chipping and flaking mortar can be a major indicator that the mortar is starting to fail. Once this problem starts to develop, it can rapidly worsen. It is possible to replace the compromised mortar through a process known as tuckpointing so that the bricks can be secured. It will involve the removal and replacement of any compromised mortar. Tuckpointing is not a very lengthy repair on a per foot basis, but the amount of time needed can quickly add up if there are substantial amounts of mortar that is needing to be replaced. Some sections of the brick and mortar can be difficult to see, such as the brick and mortar that is located near the roof or other elevated areas.

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