Benefits Of Choosing A Commercial AC Rooftop Unit

If you have a commercial property and want the building to remain cool throughout the warmest months, then it is wise to invest in a commercial AC unit. These units can vary a great deal depending on the type you desire, and rooftop varieties are one option available to you. Rooftop units are extremely popular and they do have some benefits that you should consider. Keep reading to learn about a few. 

Out Of Reach

While it may seem like a drawback that a rooftop AC unit is out of reach, especially when it comes to maintenance, this can be extremely beneficial to you. If you have paid attention to the news for the last few years, then you may know that more and more air conditioner thefts have been reported. These thefts have a lot to do with the outdoor location of the compressors and the value equipment inside of them. While some thieves focus on parts like compressors and capacitors, many want the copper coils that make up the coils of the unit.

Copper is a metal that has increased substantially in value over the years  Housing your AC unit on your roof prevents thefts and vandalism. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, because a unit with a destroyed evaporation or cooling coil will often need to be replaced completely. If it can be repaired, you may be looking at several thousand dollars in costs.

Even though an AC unit is out of reach when it comes to thieves, your HVAC professional will place the unit in an area that can be accessed for general maintenance. The units do offer flexibility, so you can choose the exact rooftop location, with the assistance of your HVAC professional if you desire.

Reduced Noise

You may understand that commercial AC units have a wide variety of features and parts that help to ensure efficiency. Variable fan speeds, dampers, air volume controls, energy recovery wheels, and other parts can greatly enhance the efficiency. However, a lot of these parts can increase the noise that the unit produces. Noise levels are expected to be higher simply based on the size of the unit when compared to smaller residential varieties. Efficiency parts can raise the noise level even more.

Installing the AC unit on your roof is one way to keep noise pollution down inside your business. In the event that your business expands or cooling needs cannot be met by a since AC unit, a second one can be added to the roof as well without adding to internal noise.