Need AC Repair? Check Your Furnace Filter First

When summer hits, you want your AC to be pumping full blast, with maximum efficiency. If your AC is not efficient, your bills can spike and your home can become harder to cool down. Most people immediate think of having their ducts and condenser unit serviced when it comes to maintaining the efficiency of their AC system. These are very important things that you should not neglect. However, many homeowners don't realize that the furnace filter is also a key part to the operation and functionality of air conditioning. This article explains why the furnace is vital to your AC and how you can easily replace a furnace filter.

The Furnace is Key to AC

The furnace is key to AC because it is basically responsible for airflow. It pumps the cooled air into your home, while the evaporator, which is attached to the furnace, sucks warm air out of your home. This is an oversimplification of a complicated process. It is not too important to know the technical details, but it is helpful to realize how important the furnace is to the efficiency of your AC system.

Make Sure Your Furnace Filter is Regularly Checked and Replaced

Your furnace is a never going to work properly if the filter is dirty. Most furnace filters only need to be replaced every few years. This time period depends on a lot of factors, so it is best to just check your filter on a yearly basis to make sure it is not too dirty. Some people try to clean their filters, but it is difficult and not as effective as simply replacing it. Filters are cheap and changing them out is simple.

Most filters are located outside of the main furnace cabinet compartment. You can find the filter easily because it is wedged in between the input duct and the wall of the cabinet. Most filters slide right into a compartment, and no tools are needed. Once your filter is out of the compartment, you can take it to the store just to be absolutely certain that your replacement is the correct size.

Before installing the new filter, you should clean out the compartment. Dust can accumulate within the tracks of the filter compartment. Wiping this out could ensure that your new filter slides properly in place.

With a new filter, you should enjoy cleaner and better flow through your furnace. For more information, contact companies like Northwest  Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc.