3 Signs You Need A New HVAC System As Told By Your Houseplant

Ever wonder what that houseplant sitting in the corner of your living room is thinking about? Neither does anybody else. However, if you are perceptive and like to check out how your houseplant is doing once in a while, you may notice some changes. The condition of your houseplant could be telling you things are not right with your aging HVAC system. Here are 3 signs you need a new HVAC system, as told by your houseplant.

It's Too Hot Or Too Cold

If you notice your plant is not thriving, it could be too hot or too cold. Its leaves will develop dry edges or fall off. Most houseplants need an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit to be happy. Make sure it is not sitting by a window or a heat vent. If it still does not perk up, and you find you are adjusting the thermostat in your home frequently, it might be time for an HVAC upgrade. An older system is less efficient than newer, more energy-efficient ones. Your older system probably cycles on and off frequently and still cannot keep a consistent temperature. The result is a higher utility bill and a houseplant that suffers from the heat or the cold. If your system is already relatively new, it may just need a cleaning or a tuneup. 

House Is Too Humid

All plants appreciate a little extra humidity now and then – it helps keep the plant from drying out. But if you notice the soil around your plant is moist all the time, it could be because of high indoor humidity levels. You probably can feel the sticky dampness as well. High humidity encourages mold to grow, contributes to allergies, and can even damage furniture. Your HVAC unit is supposed to keep the air inside your home at a proper level of humidity, and excessive humidity means it is not functioning properly or ductwork is leaking. It may be time to replace your unit with a more efficient one.

Dust Collects On The Leaves

You may notice your plant's leaves are collecting more dust than usual. Dirty leaves look bad and inhibit the plant's ability to breathe. Excessive dust inside your home could be a sign that there are problems with the ductwork of your HVAC system and it's worth checking out. Ducts may simply be dirty and need a good cleaning, or a more serious problem with the unit could exist.

Take notice once in a while of your houseplant – it could be telling you something is wrong with your HVAC system. Contact a company like the one represented at http://controlledcomfort.com to get started.