Finding The Reasoning For A Lack Of Heat Output From Your Electric Baseboard Heater

If you use electric baseboard heating in your home, and you think one of the rooms in your home is not being heated effectively, you will most likely want to find the reasoning for this occurrence. There are several reasons why your baseboard heater is not working up to par. Here are some steps you can take before calling a heating repair service to come to your home in an attempt to fix the problem on your own.

Take A Look At The Wiring For Flaws

If the heater is not emitting any air at all, there may be a problem with the electrical wiring. Unplug the unit and inspect the wire for any crimps or frayed portions. If there is a flaw noticed, a professional heating service will need to take a closer look at the unit as it will be a fire risk to continue using it. If there are no noticeable damaged portions, the unit itself may have an underlying problem to deal with.

Check All Controls For Inaccurate Settings

Make sure the settings to the unit have not been changed. Someone may have turned the thermostat to a lower temperature level, making the unit come on less frequently as a result. The damper may also have been turned to an off position, trapping the heat inside of the unit instead of being projected out into the room. These are simple fixes that will not require a call to a specialist to repair.

Do A Clean Out Of The Coils In The Unit

If there is power to the unit and the controls seem to be in the right positioning, a cleaning of the unit can be helpful in getting a higher heating output. Unplug the unit and remove the front cover so the heating coils are exposed. A soft-bristled brush attachment can be placed on your vacuum cleaner to do the job in debris removal. Hold the brush a bit away from the coils during the cleaning process so they do not become bent as you whisk away dirt. When grime is removed, the air will once again be able to flow into the room without being obstructed in any way.

Make Sure The Unit Is Not Being Covered

Check that the heating unit is not blocked by curtains, draperies, or carpeting. This will contain the heat in one area of the room, making it likely the remainder of the space is not as warm as you would like. Furniture positioned directly in front of the baseboard heating unit can also make it difficult for the air to heat the room effectively. Moving furniture to other areas of the room may remedy the problem. 

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