Ways Uneven Cooling In Work Environments Can Cost Businesses Revenue

Do you own or operate a commercial property? If so, you may rarely consider how the air conditioning in the property impacts employees and your business operations. Perhaps you have experienced a situation that involved some employees complaining of being hot while others complained that they were cold. This may have led you to believe that there is no way to find an ideal temperature to satisfy everyone, or you may have found yourself adjusting the thermostat on a regular basis. The following points will help you to better understand the effects that commercial air conditioning issues can have on your business. 


Employees who feel uncomfortable with work temperatures might not be as productive. This is due to them being distracted by being hot or cold. Some people may even get fatigued when they get too hot or cold. This can lead to individuals sleeping at their desks or performing manual labor at a lower capacity.


Uncomfortable temperatures can also lead to illness. Dehydration may occur in individuals who sweat profusely. It is also possible that the uneven temperatures in your commercial property are related to maintenance problems. Some companies do not perform their own general maintenance such as changing air filters, and some companies overlook the importance or professional maintenance. This can lead to issues such as dirty or leaky air ducts, and it can also cause allergens to circulate in the air throughout the property.

Work Quality

Even if your workers appear to meet their productivity goals, it is possible for them to make errors if they are distracted by the temperature in the work environment. If the industry you work in requires precision and little flexibility for errors, the temperature in your property could be placing employees at risk for injuries. They might also make mistakes that could negatively impact your customers, which could result in lost business revenue. Clerical errors made by employees can also negatively impact your business. 

Energy Efficiency 

If your air conditioning does not cycle off or if you are manually adjusting the temperature several times a day, you may be causing the energy bills to be higher than usual. Outdated systems may also impact energy efficiency and be the source of uneven cooling. 

A commercial HVAC contractor, like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co, is a good resource to use to determine what is causing the issues with cooling in your commercial property. They might suggest an AC upgrade, added insulation or a commercial air conditioning repair might be recommended.